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Artistic Mappings:

A Musical Composition and Soundscape in the Shillim Forest


Our first exercise in artistic mapping provided the inspiration for renowned composer Erin Gee’s composition, Shillim: Mouthpiece 31, a commission from the Kronos Quartet.  Gee’s composition grew out of her 2016 ONE LANDSCAPE residency at Shillim Institute and Retreat in India’s Western Ghats. Preeminent sound engineer Joel Gordon joined her for the residency, during which they recorded over 20 hours of the sounds of Shillim’s diverse forests.  Gee’s composition reimagines the flow of sounds in the forest as human vocal and instrumental sonorities; Gordon’s recordings, an unparalleled documentation of the species diversity and acoustical qualities of this forest environment, have been acquired by Cornell University’s Ornithology Lab to further the study of the patterns and dynamics of birdsong.

Mouthpiece 31, Shillim, opening 

Shillim morning chorus

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