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Ephemeral structures

We are developing a multi-faceted approach to designing ecologically sound and creative structures that can provide shelter in the landscape, as well as sites for our projects in the field, working sessions, gatherings and performances. These structures range from semi-permanent – involving altered topography and new plantings – to temporary, with a minimal footprint on the land.
The first of these, Cocoon, was the result of a studio led by Barcelona-based architect Enric Ruiz-Geli at Shillim. Students from the Architectural Association in London spent two weeks on the site creating a cocoon-like lodging structure that also reoriented the pedestrian approach to the Shillim Institute. Nader
Tehrani and Amin Tadj of NADAAA, architects and urban designers, are currently at work on designing a series of structures that respond to the different conditions and qualities of the Long Island landscapes.

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